Business and Industry Partnerships Overview

Industry Image The research enterprise of West Virginia University (WVU) is diverse, richly talented, progressive and focused on the goal of making people’s lives better in the highest tradition of an American land grant institution of higher education. Ever since it was founded, WVU has remained committed to that goal from biomedical research to energy research and a hundred research areas in between.

This section offers information for our potential collaborators within business and industry, as well as information for our faculty members wishing to partner with business and industry on a specific research project. 

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Contact Information for the WVU Liaison

The WVU liaison serves as the primary contact between members of the WVU research community and external business/industry sponsors.

Cynthia J. Sweet , Director
West Virginia University Central Corporate Relations Office
886 Chestnut Ridge Road
PO Box 6216
Morgantown, WV 26506
Office: (304) 293-8334  |  Email:

Institutional Information

The following data is often requested by the sponsor to be inserted somewhere within the proposal:

Types of Agreements


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