WVU Shared Research Facilities

About WVU Shared Research Facilities

Shared Facilities provide students and postdoctoral researchers with the opportunity to use cutting-edge materials, science and engineering equipment. Shared Research Facilities are open to all researchers, including researchers at government laboratories and industries. Shared Facilities staff provide training, guidance and assistance in operating the instruments and perform routine maintenance.

The Shared Research Facilities group oversees four primary facilities that operate on the Downtown and Evansdale campuses. All four are designed to help researchers pursue interdisciplinary work on nano-enabled science, engineering and medicine by providing access and technical assistance.

Website:  http://sharedresearchfacilities.wvu.edu/

High Performance Computing (HPC) Facilities

Our goal is to provide the University with the best possible service in the field of High-Performance Computing. To accomplish this goal, we are striving to bring the University’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources together into one unified whole capable of serving the University’s research staff and faculty.

The WVU HPC Group is a community-led, peer-driven effort to ensure West Virginia University maintains a lead in the many fields of research that require HPC resources.

These fields include:

  • Molecular Physics
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Advanced Materials Research
  • NanoSAFE
  • any field that requires powerful, low-latency computing

WVU Cancer Institute Core Facilities

Several well-equipped core facilities support research at the WVU Cancer Institute. The core facilities are generally operated on a charge basis with a designated individual to run the day to day operations. These facilities have both user and service options. To view the Core Facilities available to investigators on this page:


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

The NMR Facility at the West Virginia University is located in the Department of Chemistry and available for students, staff, post-doctoral fellows, faculty and all community at West Virginia University.


WVU Health Sciences Shared Research Facilities

Multiple modern core facilities support institution-wide research at WVU.

Each facility is overseen by a member of the faculty and many facilities are managed by doctorate-level personnel. Our goal is to provide to users cutting-edge technology and expertise in design and interpretation of experimental data in support of innovative research ideas.