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Graduate Fellowship Program

The NanoSAFE graduate fellowship program at WVU supports Ph.D. graduate students from under-represented classes in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines to increase STEM diversity at WVU and ensure lifetime career success through comprehensive career training. Each year, approximately six graduate students will receive a $27,000 fellowship stipend for research in bionanotechnology that support the NanoSAFE Interdisciplinary Research Teams or Seed projects.

Some of these exciting research programs include:

  1. Rapid, field deployable DNA fingerprinting for human and pathogen identification
  2. Miniature ultrasensitive toxin and other environmental hazard sensors that do not rely on large laboratory equipment
  3. Devices that quickly determine damage to cell functionality


Fellowship Requirements

Fellows will receive fundamental training in:

The program includes a team-building component that provides experiences useful in learning how to achieve team success. These activities include: real-world problem solving, community and peer mentoring, social events and workshops.

Student responsibilities during the duration of their fellowship (1 year) include: