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Evaluating a Center

The University Strategic Research Committee chaired by the VPR will evaluate a University Research Center regarding its accomplishment of stated goals and objectives, success in expanding research support and recognition in its area of focus, and continued relevance to the University. Based upon the outcome of that review, the Committee will determine whether the Center will be renewed or disbanded.

Template for University Research Center Review Effective 2020

Format: 5 pages or less, 1” margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, single-spaced

Name of Center:


  1. Mission and Goals
  2. Organization
    1. Personnel (identify funding source)
    2. Advisory Board (function and composition), if any
  3. Achievements (provide total numbers and then select a few activities from each category to highlight vs an exhaustive list, emphasize how the center has grown in impact and reputation)
    1. Publications
    2. External Support Generated
    3. Other Achievements, Recognitions
  4. Objectives and Plans (next 3 years)
    1. Research
    2. External Funding
    3. Increasing Impact and Recognition

Word Template (DOCX)