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COVID-19 Guidance

COVID-19 Summer Guidance

A Message from the Vice President of Research

Dear All,

Thank you for your continued patience as WVU works to achieve a balance between public health and research productivity. This summer will see classrooms and conference rooms operating at 50% of pre-Covid density. Lab spaces are following similar initial targets of 1 person per 100 sq. ft. All those engaged in research and scholarship should continue to abide by general WVU policy on indoor mask wearing.

We are pleased to see the resumption of most of the SRF instrument training, and the return of REU and other UG summer researchers to campus. We continue to be grateful and impressed by all of our research engaged faculty who have been so productive during this time.

The RO also understands that research and scholarship is nuanced and takes place in different venues and under different conditions, so please reach out if your work is being constrained by Covid related policies or if you need more flexibility and we can see if your request can be accommodated. We empathize with those whose work remains limited due to policies outside of WVU control and ask that you contact us to help minimize those limitations where possible.

We encourage all medically able faculty, staff and students to get vaccinated and report their vaccination status so that we can more rapidly open up campus as we reach critical milestones. Stay alert for future changes to guidance.

Fred King

Research Activities

All research and scholarly activities are permitted in labs or offices whether experimental or computational in nature (i.e. even if they can be done remotely). There are still some restrictions that apply to human subjects work or activities with public audiences.

Refer to the information below regarding human subject research below and look forward to additional information as the summer goes on and fall comes into full view.

Occupancies (Pre- and Current-COVID)


Masking is not required in indoor or outdoor spaces at WVU if you are fully vaccinated. Those not fully vaccinated are expected to wear a mask while inside all University facilities and outdoors when around other people.

Non-human research activities will resume at 100% capacity effective June 20. 

Find details regarding masks on the return to campus website under Updated Mask Guidelines.

Campus Visitors for Research/Scholarship

The current process allows visitors whose physical presence is required on campus. They must follow recommended CDC and OSHA guidance as well as federal, state and local guidelines. They are also required to comply with the University's COVID-19 policies and procedures. All visits to campus must be coordinated with the appropriate WVU host with as much advance notice as possible. The host is responsible for sending the Visitors and Contractors Self-Screening Checklist and asking the visitors to complete the checklist prior to the visit.

A listing of more specific visitors with guidelines can be found on the return to campus website visitors section.


Additional guidance can be found on the return to campus travel section.

Clinical Trial/Research at the HSC

Recommendations for Health Sciences Center Clinical Research to WVU Health Science Center Clinical Research Investigators and Coordinators from Sally L. Hodder MD, Assoc. Vice President, Clinical and Translational Research, West Virginia University HSC.

WVCTSI Information for Clinical Trial/Research

Update as of 2/3/2021: Additional Recommendations for HSC Clinical Research has been issued via the linked memo below. While this recommendation is specific only to clinical trials and research, we strongly encourage all clinical and non-clinical researchers conducting in-person, human subjects work to evaluate the cost-benefit analysis of conducting on-going studies at this time.

If you would like additional guidance please do not hesitate to reach out to the Research Office (

Additional Recommendations for HSC Clinical Research (February Memo)(PDF)

Non-Clinical Human Subject Research

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for non-clinical, Face-to-Face (in-person) Human Subjects Research with COVID-19 Impacts.

Non-Clinical Human Subject Research