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Non-Clinical Human Subject Research

The intent of this standard operating procedure (SOP) is to minimize the risk of COVID-19 disease transmission and protect the health and safety of personnel conducting face-to-face human subjects research as well as those who are participating in the research. Failure to follow this SOP may result in suspension of research.

All studies that can continue to collect data remotely should do so. As a reminder, Full Board and Expedited research studies that have not yet amended their WVU IRB protocols to include the option to conduct procedures of their research remotely (who are now collecting data remotely) using video conferencing, phone, electronic surveys, electronic consent (e-consent) and other remote methods should do so.

No new in-person human subjects non-clinical activities can begin until approved by the department chair (or unit manager). The plan should be forwarded to the College Dean (or HSC Office of Grad Ed and Research, if appropriate) for recording purposes, who will then forward to the WVU Research Office ( The WVU RO may engage Tanya Moran (co-Director of Clinical Trials) for her recommendations. If revisions are needed, the WVU RO will work directly with the PI until the plan is satisfactory. Approvals will be communicated with the PI and cc'ed to the relevant chair and dean.