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XR Simulators for Education and Surgical Training

XR Simulators for Education and Surgical Training

12 p.m. — 1 p.m.

Hosted by: Jonathan H. Sherman, MD, and Allie Karshenas, PhD

Simulators for medical education and surgical training are vital for the training of both medical students and residents. This initial POC will serve to utilize the design capability of Bricksimple with the software of the Zeiss Kinevo microscope to develop a XR surgical microscope simulator. Traditionally the training of using the microscope occurs only in the operating room and does not allow for appropriate preparation of the trainee.

Location: Online

Contact: Jonathan Sherman

This program looks to establish a quality of training between XR simulators and live practice allowing for skills transfer from XR to live surgery. These skills can be assessed by software-based metrics or human skills assessment. Beyond tactile surgical skills - XR simulators are helpful in analyzing surgical approach and anatomy education and understanding. This simulator will serve as a stepping-stone for developing low cost simulators across surgical subspecialties.