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Big 12 Research Enhanced Dialogues

Big 12 Research Enhanced Dialogues

1:00 pm — 3:00 pm

Hosted by: Oklahoma State University (collaboration among Big 12 Colleges of Education and Human Services)

A mixed group of associate deans (mixed because titles vary widely!) in colleges similar to WVU's College of Education and Human Services at the Big 12 institutions have organized a virtual event featuring open discussion dialogues with faculty who have been successful in securing external funding supporting educational and applied human sciences research from agencies such as DHHS, NIH, NSF, and the Spencer Foundation. The goal of the event is to provide faculty insight into creating and maintaining a successful grant application to large agencies such as these.

Location: Online

Contact: Melissa Luna

The event will be held virtually via Zoom. It will start with a brief introduction and then four breakout rooms will be opened. The discussion in each room will be facilitated by 1-2 faculty experts who have been successful in securing grants from a specific funding agency. Attendees will be able to freely move into/between any of the four rooms.

Breakout Rooms and Faculty Facilitators are as follows:
Spencer Foundation Breakout Room: Dr. John Rury, The University of Kansas
NSF Noyce Programs Breakout Room: Dr. Matthew Campbell and Dr. Johnna Bolyard, West Virginia University
DHHS Breakout Room: Dr. Sejal Barden, University of Central Florida
NIH Breakout Room: Dr. Mark Eddy, The University of Texas at Austin
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