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We support faculty and staff engaged in research at WVU.

Whether through assisting with grants, or guidance for projects concerning animals, humans, bio-hazards, or exporting technologies, the Research Office is here to help researchers succeed.

The WVU Research Office recently held two virtual networking events. The first was with researchers that study issues being faced by an aging population. The second event centered on research being done within the broad umbrella of substance use. Both groups were provided a virtual rolodex of any faculty who are interested in these topics, details about each person’s research interest, what they bring to a collaboration, and what they are looking for in a collaborator. Each meeting was attended by about 20 faculty from across campus. Break out rooms were used to answer questions about what kind of collaborations researchers are seeking, identifying institutional barriers to collaboration, and what can the research office do to support them. Each group then reported to the full group. Notes that were taken during the event were distributed to the group at the conclusion.

The current pandemic has made research networking very challenging. In an effort to facilitate research collaboration, Dr. Melanie Page, Associate Vice President for Creative and Scholarly Activity organized the events with the assistance of Lisa Hunt, Senior Manager of Strategic Research Initiatives and Co-host for the Aging event was Dr. Kris Hash. Dr. Page said “I was nervous if a virtual networking event could work and while it is tricky to figure out who is going to talk next, in both events, people made connections and have already followed up with each other to submit proposals and conduct new research projects.” Aging Networking event attendee, Research Assistant Professor Nicole Stout said, “This was a fantastic event. I enjoyed being a part of the discussion and connecting with the group. I am looking forward to generating momentum around this topic, it’s a real focus in the oncology space. “

The feedback from the events was overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Page noted, “We plan to continue these groups over the summer and fall (as needed) and would be happy to help facilitate any other research topic virtual networking event that people are interested in.” If you are interested in creating or hosting a virtual networking event please contact