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The WVU Office of Research supports faculty and staff engaged in research at WVU through internal grants programs, assistance with the development and submission of grant applications to external agencies, and guidance and oversight for projects involving animals, human subjects, biohazards, and technologies that might be export controlled.

Faculty members on nine-month contracts who receive research support may earn up to 2.5 months' salary from external sources during the summer months; the compensation may be increased to 3.0 months with the approval of the Office of the Provost.

Faculty members with nine-month contracts whose summer employment is funded by a grant and are promoted with an attendant increase in pay may charge summer support on grants at the individual's pre-increase contract rate through June 30 and at the new rate beginning July 1.

During a regular semester, faculty members on twelve-month contracts and those on nine-month contracts are permitted to undertake such research by an appropriate adjustment of their contractual duties for the University, but an increase in the contractual base salary from grant and contract funds is not permitted. However, individual colleges and schools have implemented the University's policy to permit a non-contractual salary increase through the Academic Activity Incentive Policy when faculty members have obtained extramural funding. Additional information on this policy is available from your dean's office.