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WVU provides a variety of services and software for computational intensive or digital humanities research. Our High Performance Computing systems can solve large problems in physical, biological and social sciences, engineering, humanities or business.

High Performance Computing

West Virginia University provides a variety of services and software that can assist with computational intensive or digital humanities research.


The WVU High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities support computationally intensive research that require high computational capabilities and low-latency.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Free access to MATLAB, training resources, and software packages are available for HPC users.

HPC Partners

WVU partners with several regional and national organizations that support big data computing.

HPC can solve large problems in science, engineering, or business using higher computing power than can be achieved from a desktop computer or workstation.
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Training Resources

If you are interested in using HPC or Watson, but lack experience with computer science, we offer training options:

Software Carpentry Workshops

The WVU Research Office in collaboration with WVU Libraries bring you Software Carpentry workshops focusing on basic scientific computing skills.

Software Carpentry

HPC Summer Institute

ITS offers a free, 4-day HPC Summer Institute every June to teach the basics of WVU HPC resources.

See ITS for details

LinkedIn Learning Tutorials

ITS offers 14-day licenses to the online training courses offered by LinkedIn Learning (formerly Extensions can be granted pending the wait list. Several big data tutorials are available.

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MATLAB Resources

We have MATLAB resources available, including MATLAB Academy, video tutorials, courseware, and Simulink from ITS.

MATLAB Software
From online tutorials to hands-on workshops, WVU makes resources available to assist you.

Events & News

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