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Contracted Faculty Compensation

Nine-month contracts

Faculty members on nine-month contracts receiving research support may earn up to 2.5 months' salary from external sources during the summer month. The compensation may be increased to 3.0 months with Office of the Provost's approval.

Grant-funded Summer Employment

If promoted with an increase in pay, you may charge summer support on grants according to the pre-increase rate. The new rate begins July 1.

Nine-month and Twelve-month Contracts

During a regular semester, faculty members are permitted to undertake research with an adjustment of their contractual duties for the University. An increase in the contractual base salary from grant and contract funds is not permitted. However, individual colleges and schools have implemented the University's policy to permit a non-contractual salary increase through the Academic Activity Incentive Policy via extramural funding. Additional information on this policy is available through your dean's office.