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RSA Applications FAQ

West Virginia University Faculty Research and Scholarship Advancement Applications

Internal Grant Applications Due 5th Monday of the Spring Semester, 11:59 pm.


See also details pertaining to the application process and scoring rubric. Additional questions by potential applicants (with their respective response) during the 2020-2021 academic year are listed on this page.

For information about submitting applications via WVU+kc, see the Submit a WVU Internal Grant Application in the ITS self-help knowledge base or contact the ITS Service Desk at or (304) 293-4444. Receive up-to-date information about WVU+kc, including outage announcements and user tips, by submitting a request to be added to the WVU+kc users listserv.

Developing an Application Plan

How do I decide whether my project would be most applicable for the SEED grant or scholarship grant opportunity?

A quick rule-of-thumb for deciding which opportunity would best support your interests and work would be to think about the intended investment duration: 

SEED support is historically for projects that can be conceptualized in a few significant steps. An example of a SEED request may focus on activities that produce a journal article and can be completed within the funding period; almost always the outcome of a SEED project is used as pilot data or proof of concept for an external grant submission (federal, state, local, foundation).

Scholarship support has typically been reserved for long-form scholarship and creative work. Typical outcomes are book chapters, books, plays, music pieces or performances, art pieces or installations, etc..

Can the Co-PI be from a different institution (non-WVU)?

Yes. Non-WVU persons can serve as a co-PI or consultant on an application. You cannot list them in the co-PI field in KC as the system uses on “auto find” function to autofill the information, so you should just list them as such in the narrative and/or the budget as appropriate.

Formatting Questions

Should the application be double- or single-spaced?

The application can be single-spaced and must use 12-point font and 1-inch margins.

Are references included in the five-page application limit?

References are not included in the page limit for the application. All applicants may include up to one additional page for their references as part of their proposal and should upload them with the narrative.

How should the budget and budget justification be uploaded?

A specific screen within the KC online system is included in the application process. All applicants should directly enter their budget and justification into this screen.

Where does the curriculum vitae (CV) go within the application?

Upload the CV as a separate attachment within the online system. There is a two-page limit and only the PI needs a CV.

Budget and Budget Justification Considerations

Does the budget allowance for this opportunity support summer salary for 12-month faculty, staff, or students?

Starting in 2021-20: This opportunity does not allow for summary salary for 12-month employees. For the current year, summer salary is allowed for 12 month employees but the idea behind the grant is not to move money from one internal pot (the provost office) to another (a unit’s) to pay the salary a person is already getting from WVU. These funds do not meet unit expectations of “covering one’ salary” as these are internal funds and those expectations are based on external funding.

Can travel be included in the budget for this application?

One faculty member at $700 domestic/ $900 internationally can be included in the application for conference-related travel. Additionally, one graduate student at the same limits can be included as needed. 

Travel required to complete proposed activities is also allowable in the budget without limits but the justification should clearly delineate how the travel relates to the project objectives and the amount.

Can I pay a person I am related to?

Any potential conflicts of interest need to be cleared by Joy Edwards in the COI office. Please contact her for clearance. If the project is funded, you will need to provide such clearance to the Research Office before funding is released.

How competitive are the RSA grants?

Approximately 15% of applications are funded

How is it evaluated?

The senate research committee is the committee responsible for evaluating the grants. Each grant has a primary, a secondary, and a tertiary reviewer who score the grant using the scoring rubric. All attempts are made to have a primary and secondary reviewer in fields that are as close to the applicants as possible, given the restraints of who is on the committee. The tertiary reviewer is outside the area of expertise by design of the RFP that the grant should be jargon free and understandable by any faculty member at the institution. The committee of the whole meets in spring to discuss the grants and scores and make funding recommendations.

What should go under each section in the proposal body?

There are detailed instructions for each section of the proposal on this website, but in general you want to write the grant to be understood by a smart person in any field.

Are there common things you see in a very strong proposal as a reviewer?

Are there fatal errors that you see as a reviewer?

How do I find the RSA in KC?

Use your WVU MyID to login to WVU+kc and click the Create Internal Grant link in the Internal Grants menu bar. Complete the application form and submit. See the ITS article Submit a WVU Internal Grants Application for more information.