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Sustainability Programs

Research Seed Funding and External Collaboration Funds for Sustainability/Decarbonization

The RO is pleased to announce two new internal funding programs to promote nationally competitive team research in the critically vital areas of sustainability and carbon management. The program objectives are to 1) foster new research areas or 2) provide a critical enhancement to an existing area so that the teams grow in their national competitiveness.

The two programs are 1) a new seed funding program and 2) a new workshop colloquium funding program to promote greater external engagement:

Decarbonization Research Seed Funding Program

The research seed funding program (up to $50K/yr, renewable for one additional year with demonstrated progress) fosters the development of team to submit for nationally competitive funding within 12 months. 

The deadline is February 1, 2022 by CoB to Up to three awards will be made.

Areas of Research

Areas of interest include but are not restricted to:

Consult with the RO ( to determine whether additional areas of research will be considered.


Proposals will be judged on the following criteria:

All proposals should include the components below in a single PDF document and be clearly marked by section. Proposals that fail to comply with these requirements will not be reviewed.


Proposals must be submitted by a team of two or more tenure/tenure track faculty. Funds can be used to support activities and expenses which may include student stipends (Ph.D. students preferred), staff support, equipment purchases, materials and supplies and workshop/travel to develop external partnerships. Work with external partners is encouraged, but funds will only support research expenses associated with WVU based activity with the exception of travel by or to external partners. (No support will be permitted for tenure/tenure track faculty salaries). The expectation is that these funds will seed the development of externally supported research which will accommodate tenure/tenure track faculty summer salary.

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2022

Carbon Management Workshop/Colloquia Funding

The Workshop/Colloquia Funding program will provide up to $5K (with a required 1:1 match for a total of $10K) to bring arrange a workshop or bring in a speaker (in person or remote). 

The goal is to foster a more expansive sustainability/carbon management network for WVU that includes external partners from academia, national laboratories and industry. Both domestic and international partners are encouraged. Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Funding will be for actual expenses (travel, meals and accommodations, honoraria, refreshments for workshop/colloquia, room and equipment rental).

Possible Options

Proposal Requirements

(no more than 2 pages)

Submit inquires and proposals to