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WVU Family Travel Program

Program Overview

The WVU Faculty Family Travel Fund is aimed at removing travel-related barriers to the professional advancement of faculty and postdoctoral scholars who have substantial childcare, eldercare, or other dependent care responsibilities that would affect their ability to travel professionally.

Grants of up to $800 per fiscal year will be awarded to reimburse caregiving expenses not normally incurred, but resulting from travel (see below for eligible expenses). The fiscal year follows the university calendar of July 1 to June 30. You must apply for this grant in the fiscal year that the travel takes place and applications are accepted both pre and post travel.

Do not use your State or Research Corporation P-card to pay for expenses that will be reimbursed under this program. You must use personal funds to be reimbursed from a WVU Foundation account; said reimbursement is taxable income. See the  FAQ page for more information on what expenses can be claimed and general program guidelines.

The need for such a program came from research conducted by the  WVU ADVANCE Center. The WVU Faculty Family Travel Fund originated from a state-wide program supported by the  Elsevier Foundation (2014-2017). Dr. Tower was Principal Investigator and Drs. Keesee, McLaughlin, and Stores were co-PIs. Dr. Tower administered the program in cooperation with the  Division of Science and Research of the WV Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC). During the grant, Provost McConnell expanded the program to all WVU faculty who were not eligible for Elsevier funding. The Research Office worked with Dr. Tower and the Provost Office to institutionalize the program which is now administered out of the Research Office.

Eligible Dependent Care Expense

As child and dependent care needs are widely varied, depending on the particular situation, the Faculty Family Travel Fund will consider requests to support reimbursement for:

  1. Childcare/adult care/eldercare at a remote location
  2. Travel of a child/dependent to a conference or remote location with a faculty/post-doctoral attendee
  3. Travel for a caregiver (nanny/sitter/family member) to accompany faculty/post-doc and dependent to a conference or remote location or to travel to home location to provide full-time care for the child/dependent
  4. A paid caregiver or caregiving service at conference/remote location
  5. Costs incurred for caregiving at home location that are not normally incurred, but resulting from the travel (e.g., hiring someone to take your children to school when normally you do that)



Foundation Form (PDF)*

*This is a fillable PDF form that is not supported by most browser readers and must be viewed in Adobe Acrobat.  In order to view it, you need to save it first by right clicking the button and selecting “save link as”. If you do not have a version of Adobe Acrobat, you can download the free reader here.

Childcare Receipt (DOCX)

Post Award Report