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Limited Submission Opportunities

For solicitations with a regular and highly competitive level of submission activity within WVU, such the National Science Foundation's Major Research Instrumentation program, the Office of Research will organize a campus-wide competitive review process using a panel of either internal or external reviewers.

Many agencies limit the number of proposals from a single academic institution. For agencies for which there are typically only a few interested investigators at WVU who would like to submit to the same opportunity, it is the policy of the Office of Research to require colleges that have multiple submissions select one proposal to advance. If proposals appear from more than one college, the Office of Research will perform an internal review to select the proposal to advance.

Currently Active Internal Competitions

Upcoming and ongoing internal funding links and requirements.
NSF-Major Research Instrumentation
Instructions (DOCX)
  • Internal Deadline September 30, 2021
  • External Agency Deadline January 19, 2022
DEPSCoR Capacity Building  
DEPSCoR LOI instructions (DOCX)
  • Internal LOI due on August 1 
  • External agency deadline September 20

Previous Internal Competitions

Previous funding links past initial deadlines.
HRSA Telemedicine
HRSA internal LOI instructions (DOCX)
  • Internal LoI deadline Monday June 7, 2021
  • Agency deadline June 25
Dept of Labor Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities (WORC)
Internal pre-proposal instructions (DOC)
  • Internal pre-proposal due June 11
  • Agency deadline July 21
NEH Summer
2021 Proposal Instructions (DOC)
  • Letter of intent due to colleges by July 8, 2021 
  • Notification due July 22, 2021
NSF Partnerships for Innovation: Research Partnerships
Internal instructions (DOCX)
  • Internal deadline June 7, 2021
  • NSF deadline July 14, 2021
EPA - Water Infrastructure
EPA Grant Overview
EPA Internal Guidance (DOCX)
  • Agency Deadline: March 26th, 2021
  • Internal Deadline: February 17th, 2021
DOE - Chemical Upcycling of Polymers
Chemical Upcycling of Polymers
DOE Internal Guidance (DOCX)
  • Agency Pre-proposal Due: March 10th, 2021
  • Internal Deadline: February 17th, 2021
Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) - POWER
POWER Initiative 2021 RFP (PDF)
POWER 2021 Internal Instructions (DOCX)
  • Agency LOI deadline March 5, 2021
  • Internal Proposal due February 11, 2021
NIFA-Equipment Purchase Grant
USDA Request for Applications (PDF)
NIFA Letter of Intent (DOCX)
  • Internal deadline February 1, 2021
  • External deadline March 16, 2021
NSF EPSCoR Track 4
Track 4 Proposal (DOCX)
  • External deadline April 13, 2021
  • Internal deadline January 29, 2021
NSF NRT Program
NRT Internal LOI (DOCX)
  • Internal deadline January 4, 2021
  • External deadline February 25, 2021

NSF EPSCoR Track 2
EPSCoR Track 2 2021 (PDF)

  • Internal deadline November 12, 2020
  • Agency LOI due December 18, 2020
  • Full proposal due January 25, 2021
NIFA-Women and Minorities in STEM Fields Program (WAMS)
WAMS Overview (PDF)
NIFA Internal LOI (DOCX)
  • Internal LOI due October 16, 2020
  • NIFA Full proposal deadline January 21, 2021
NSF-IGE (Innovations in Graduate Education)
IGE Internal LOI (DOCX)
  • Internal LOI due September 23, 2020
  • NSF Full proposal deadline November 4, 2020

NSF- EPSCoR Track 1 (state level call)

This new process is a multi-step selection process starting with a two-page letter of intent:

Timeline (DOCX)
Letter of Intent (DOCX): $20M/5 year statewide award

Please contact with questions.

  • Deadline for State LOI: September 14, 2020
NSF-Major Research Instrumentation
Instructions (DOCX)
  • Internal Deadline October 1, 2020
  • External Agency Deadline January 19, 2021

Keck Foundation
Internal Process (PDF)

  • Contact Research Office before June 12, 2020

NEH Summer
Proposal instructions (DOCX)

  • Letter of intent due to colleges by June 30, 2020 
    (Check to see if your college has set a different deadline.)
  • Notification due July 13, 2020