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Elevator Pitch and Pre-submission Proposal Review Program

“Elevator Pitch” Program

This program is designed to help faculty and postdocs develop a concise and compelling 1-2 page summary of your research ideas to share with a program officer. Follow the guidelines (DOCX) and you will receive external feedback on your draft in order to refine your pitch. Arrange a visit to see a program officer and we will subsidize your trip up to $100. While summaries are accepted on a rolling basis, it is recommended that you start the process 3-4 months before your anticipated full proposal submission date.

Pre-submission Proposal Review Program

If you have a solid draft of a proposal (no need for budget or supplemental information), the Research Office can arrange for external review. Proposals must be submitted for review one month in advance of the federal agency submission date. The funding for this program is from the West Virginia EPSCoR Office.

Request an External Review

  1. Submit the proposal in Word format
  2. Include the original RFP or solicitation notice
  3. Complete the External Review Request Form (DOC)
  4. Email form to

For additional information, contact the Deanna Messenger at (304) 293-5913.