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Question & Answer Sessions

When and Where?

The following Foreign Influence Q&A sessions are scheduled for January.

Who Should Attend?

Faculty, Staff, and Administrators are encouraged to attend.  If you are involved in international collaborations, especially those in which you have signed an agreement or receive funding or reimbursements, you should come to a session.

What Will Be Discussed?

Based on the inquiries from faculty in response to the email, the following topics, as well as any additional questions, will be addressed will likely be discussed at each session: What makes a collaboration personal vs. professional? I have been asked to be a Distinguished Professor at a foreign university, what should I be concerned about? A foreign entity has offered to pay for my travel expenses, what do I need to do? A faculty member in my department has asked to facilitate an faculty exchange with a foreign university; as a chair, what factors should I consider in my decision?