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Our Garden

by Esha Sachdeva

Open your eyes
See all that is around you
The flowers, the variety of colors in your garden
You water each and every one
You share the same love with each petal

Open your eyes
See all that is around you
The people, the variety of colors in the world
Yet not everyone receives the same love

Why are your eyes closed to the hatred
Keep them open and look
Look at the girls with the chocolate colored skin with tears dripping down their cheeks
Look at their happiness being ripped away
rose red blood stained on the pavement

You didn't cause this
But you closed your eyes
You closed your eyes and kept them closed
You saw it coming
Your eyes shut but you were walking
You got to your car on the other side of the street with your eyes shut

They asked you what you saw and you whisper nothing
You should say you saw injustice
Cries of help echoing from the innocent
You should say the man was just walking
His footsteps were not a crime

The world is our garden
Filled with wildflowers and oak trees
Orange ladybugs and black ants
But each add beauty and originality

We can not
Should not
Harm the beauty
We need each other or there is no garden