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Remote Research Activities for Graduate Students

These resources are provided as potential alternative research duties for your GRAs and postdocs while they are unable to do on-site research. Some link to training for scientific writing, others are for instruction in programming and/or data visualization, some others are full blown courses in nanotechnology, advanced techniques etc. As a supervisor you should select those online opportunities that align most closely with your project objectives. Effort spent on these activities now, should benefit the overall research project goals. The list is far from complete, please share any additional resources that you find and feel free to provide feedback to (positive or negative on the selected resources) which we will share.

Disclaimer: The Research Office is not endorsing or promoting any particular website, we are just providing a consolidated list of these services. It is our intention to find free (or fee waived) resources. Some of these links may recommend that you purchase a companion book, if, however, you discover that some of these training links/sites are not free, please let us know and we will remove the link.

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