WVU Research Centers

For information on creating WVU centers, institutes, or related units, see the Creating a Center at WVU page.

West Virginia University Centers

  • Center for Excellence in STEM Education

    STEM's mission is to develop, identify and test best practices that will broaden participation, as well as improve teaching and learning in STEM fields, thereby developing a strong pipeline for STEM professionals and a scientifically literate public. The Center also seeks to promote activities that improve STEM education in West Virginia K-16.

  • Center for Neuroscience

    Center for Neuroscience's mission is to advance knowledge in basic and translational neuroscience through team-based interdisciplinary research. The center integrates all neuroscience research activities across a collaborative enterprise of 40 laboratories throughout the WVU campus. The center also serves as the hub of activity across a broad array of neuroscience research topics to serve the entire state of West Virginia through translational research programs such as the stroke initiative.

  • Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center

    WVU Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center's mission is to address the very high West Virginia cancer mortality rate. The Center has enhanced the ability of WVU physicians to manage advanced and complex diseases more successfully and with fewer side effects for patients.

  • National Research Center for Coal and Energy

    NRCCE works closely with WVU faculty members to coordinate large-scale, multidisciplinary research and outreach programs that result in cleaner, more efficient, more affordable ways to produce and use energy, protect land and water, and promote economic vitality. The NRCCE works with more than 100 WVU faculty members and research professionals to conduct programs in: Fuel and Power, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Remediation, Alternative Transportation Fuels, and Rural Water Infrastructure.

  • West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute

    WVCTSI is an academic home and a catalyst for clinical and translational research that targets cancer, cardiovascular-stroke, and obesity related diseases. WVCTSI partner institutions include the Clinical & Translational Science Award (CTSA) institutions at University of Kentucky, Ohio State University, and Indiana University. The WVCTSI utilizes innovative recruitment, training, and mentoring strategies to develop clinical and translational scientists at each of the WVCTSI institutions

  • WVU Center for Innovation in Gas Research and Utilization

    The WVU Center for Innovation in Gas Research and Utilization conducts research in the gas, oil and chemical fields. Our research includes broad areas that cover catalysis, reaction engineering, material science, power generation and gas turbines. We aim to stimulate the economic well-being in both West Virginia and across the globe through technical innovation, knowledge creation and educational excellence.

  • WVU Center for Gravitational Waves and Cosmology

    Researchers use electromagnetic and gravitational wave observatories in order to understand the most fundamental processes responsible for galaxy formation and evolution and the physical laws of our universe.

  • WVU Energy Institute

    The WVU Energy Institute’s mission is to coordinate and promote University-wide energy research in engineering, science, technology, and policy. The WVU Energy Institute’s research efforts emphasize fossil energy (coal, oil, natural gas), sustainable energy (biomass, geothermal, wind, solar), energy and environmental policy, and environmental stewardship (protecting air and water resources).

  • WVU Institute of Water Science and Security

    The Institute of Water Security & Science’s mission is to develop sustainable solutions addressing contemporary water quality and quantity problems, while strengthening West Virginia’s water security, and environmental, economic, social and cultural well-being, and broadening West Virginia University’s water stewardship impact and prominence nationally and globally.

Other Centers/Institutes