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Research with a purpose

Inside WVU Today

Dr. Fred King, Vice President of Research, discusses the University's research initiatives and the impact of WVU faculty and students in the quality of lives in West Virginia, as well as across the United States in a segment of Inside WVU Today with host April Kaull.

It would be hard to find another University as committed to making a difference to its state as West Virginia University is to West Virginia.

As our state, nation, and the world transition to a knowledge-based economy, the role of higher education, which is “the original knowledge industry,” will become even more critical.

WVU’s responsibility has never been more important, and our ability to spark innovation and the jobs and opportunities it produces has never been needed as much as it now. Therefore, we are nurturing the desire to innovate, to find solutions, and to make the world a better place—in every classroom, every laboratory, and every discipline across our University.

Five areas of Research Focus

West Virginia University is an R1 Research Institution.

Green Bank Telescope

Gravitational Waves and Cosmology

Exploring the origins  and evolutions of the universe, galaxies,  and stars with telescopes, electromagnetics, and gravitational waves.


Instructor oversees students participating in STEM camp activities

Center for Excellence in STEM Education

Serving as a cross-college organization that integrates, deepens, and extends the scope, nature, and impact of STEM education research.

STEM Center

WVU Researcher in lab gear

Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Working with addiction by targeting opioid morbidity and mortality rates, Hepatitis C, and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.


Creek in the woods

Institute of Water Security and Science

Facilitating understanding and protection of water resources through integrated education, outreach and research programs.


Wind turbines

Energy Institute

Promoting, coordinating and expanding the vital impacts and value of West Virginia’s energy assets and capabilities for the people of West Virginia, the mid-Appalachian region, the nation and world.

WVU Energy